jeudi 6 juin 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 24th May 2019

Present : Titouan, Garance, Estelle, Thiago, Mme Puertas, Mr Nettleship
Excused: Ombeline

Café Philo
  • Almost everyone took part in the discussion; everyone thought it was a really good discussion!
  • Philosophy teacher offered Loriane her help to organize the next Café Philo.
  • However, there is a contradiction : University students thought the discussion was too "open", whereas pupils and the teacher think that the Café Philo should have more open topics.
  • Advice: to stimulate the discussion, the mediator should give more examples or, on the contrary, say nothing, in order to make people think about the topic more.
  • We must solve the biggest problem: students want at all costs to expose their ideas, and they end up not listening to the others > do NOT raise your hand before someone has finished exposing his/her idea!

  • Maximum price: 100€ per passenger (all included) > ask APEL for subsidy
  • Go to Conseil Régional during trip (ask for 4000€ for next year's BIG project!)

BIG project 2020
  • Invite all UNESCO Clubs from the AURA region to Massillon (for a round table on the role of UNESCO Clubs in implementing the UN sustainable development goals)?
  • Project in partnership with the city of Clermont-Ferrand ("Ville apprenante UNESCO")?

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