samedi 8 juin 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 7th June 2019 (last meeting of the year)

Present: Victoria, Ombeline, Thiago, Loriane, Garance, Amalia, Estelle, PN

Excused: Mme Puertas

Massillon Green Team
  •  Massillon Green Team was adopted as the official name!
  • First project (in September): workshop on recycling and making recycling bins to put in each classroom (note that we need to make sure the trash really does end up in the yellow bins!).
  • Ideas for further projects: a "cleanwalk" within Massillon ; collect recyclable waste from picnics in Jardin Lecoq.
  • GuaranceVictoria and Loriane will lead the MGT.
  • They must meet M. Périchon asap to discuss yellow bins project.

Trip to Lyon
  • In late September.
  • We should include the Conseil Régional in our programme of visits.
  • Inform next year’s Seconde pupils about the trip (only members of the MUC can go!).

Speak out!
  • URGENT! Thiago > ask for 100€ from the APEL > buy 4 x 25€ book tokens > ask PN for the addresses of the 4 winners > send the book tokens to the winners.

  • We must launch the academic families for lycéens from other countries early next school year.
  • Ombeline is in charge of this.

jeudi 6 juin 2019

AGENDA 07/06/19

  1. Green group 
  2. Trip to Lyon 
  3. New ideas
  4. End of the year

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 24th May 2019

Present : Titouan, Garance, Estelle, Thiago, Mme Puertas, Mr Nettleship
Excused: Ombeline

Café Philo
  • Almost everyone took part in the discussion; everyone thought it was a really good discussion!
  • Philosophy teacher offered Loriane her help to organize the next Café Philo.
  • However, there is a contradiction : University students thought the discussion was too "open", whereas pupils and the teacher think that the Café Philo should have more open topics.
  • Advice: to stimulate the discussion, the mediator should give more examples or, on the contrary, say nothing, in order to make people think about the topic more.
  • We must solve the biggest problem: students want at all costs to expose their ideas, and they end up not listening to the others > do NOT raise your hand before someone has finished exposing his/her idea!

  • Maximum price: 100€ per passenger (all included) > ask APEL for subsidy
  • Go to Conseil Régional during trip (ask for 4000€ for next year's BIG project!)

BIG project 2020
  • Invite all UNESCO Clubs from the AURA region to Massillon (for a round table on the role of UNESCO Clubs in implementing the UN sustainable development goals)?
  • Project in partnership with the city of Clermont-Ferrand ("Ville apprenante UNESCO")?

mercredi 22 mai 2019

AGENDA for the meeting to be held on Friday 24th May 2019

  1. Report on the Café philo
  2. CV citoyen + how else to promote Civics?
  3. MGT
  4. Trip to Lyon
  5. AOB

lundi 20 mai 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on 17/05/19

Absent members: Victoria (excused)

CV citoyen
  • Anne-Sophie and her friend (they are both members of the "Jeune Chambre Économique de Clermont-Ferrand) presented their brilliant guide on how to complete a "citizen's CV" (or the "association/volunteering" part of your CV).
  • Ombeline will send a "thank you" letter to them.
  • We will discuss next week how we can promote the "CV citoyen" in Massillon.

Speak out!
  • Ombeline must send a "thank you" letter to the Jury.

  • The group needs to be created on social media.
  • Victoria must email asap the pupils who are interested in taking part in the MGT activities.

Café philo
  • THURSDAY 23/05/19 in Room G20!
  • M. Engels and Mme Pégart have been informed.

Dernier café philo de l'année scolaire! Be there or be square!

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 10th May 2019

Present : Benjamin, Nathan, Laetitia, Garance, Titouan, Oriane, Mme Puertas
Guest : Édouard Engels

Café philo
  • Date: Friday 24th May,12:30-14:00
  • Loriane will see Mme Pégard to ask for authorization.
  • Posters are finished; Titouan will put them up in the corridors.
  • Loriane will see Vanessa to send the news to all school students. Mme Pégard must allow them individually to skip class if needed.
  • Edouard, Loriane and Titouan will define subject, frame debate, distribute roles.
  • Invite Mr Périchon, Mme Troadec, Silver, etc.

MGT (Massillon Green Team)
  • The organizing commitee will get in touch via social media with people interested  in taking part.
  • We need to vote on the name of the group (MGT? Green Group?)
  • We need to define clearly the aims of the MGT.
  • First initiative: recycling  bins in all classrooms.
  • What other projects?

mercredi 15 mai 2019

Speak out!

The Speak out! interschool public speaking competition (organized by the MUC 😄) went rather well... For the results (and a few photos), click HERE!

samedi 4 mai 2019


Hello dear MUCkers!

BRAVO everybody for the excellent organization of Friday's events!

Lecture on climate change + action

Click on photos! 😁

The fifty or so pupils in Seconde euro who attended the lecture felt concerned about the environmental issues Mr Pierre Nettleship raised; the lecture was very relevant; many thanks to him!

The video recording of the lecture will be available (with the PowerPoint) in the CDI soon.

Launch of the GREEN TEAM!

The Green Team committee (Victoria, Thiago, Garance, Loriane, Mme Puertas) launched the group. 11 pupils in Seconde Euro are keen to take part in the activities of the group, which is proof that the pupils want to get involved in collective climate action. Garance and Victoria will get in touch with them via Instagram to suggest a date for the first meeting. The first project will be to ask for recycling bins in every classroom.

Opening of the photo portraits exhibition

The food (thanks Thiago!) & drink was much appreciated. About 30 pupils took part in our game (they had to guess the jobs of the people in the portraits). If you would like to know more about the exhibition, there is an interview of the photographer on the website: ARTicle

The exhibition lasts until Friday 17th May. Be sure to play the game! Go the ACCUEIL for the piece of paper.

LORIANE, Secretary of the MUC

lundi 22 avril 2019

A burning issue. Article by Victoria (our co-president)...

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019: the date of the fire that partially burned the cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Notre-Dame was built between 1163 and 1345 next to the Seine, in the French capital. One of the most important symbols of the Catholic Church, it is a major French monument and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991.

Just a few hours after the fire started, donations from families, companies and individuals started being received in order to restore the monument. The luxury group Kering and the Pinault family donated 100 million. It was followed by a donation of €200 million from Bernard Arnault, the world's fourth richest man, and his LVMH company. The Bettencourt family and its L’Oréal cosmetics firm chipped in €200 million. Oil giant Total gave €100 million and advertising firm JC Decaux put up €20 million. Business concerns including French banks (BNP, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, BPCE), insurer Axa, and the pharmaceutical firm Sanofi have made pledges totalling tens of millions. La Française des Jeux, the national lottery company, is allocating its share of the proceeds from Saturday’s Easter lotto. The City of Paris (€50 million) leads the flurry of donations from assorted levels of government across the country. In Hungary, the city of Szeged, population 160,000, said it would donate €10,000 in gratitude for a donation from the City of Paris after a flood devastated the city south of Budapest killing 160 people in 1879. The International Olympic Committee said it would give €500,000 to boost the chances of meeting French President Emmanuel Macron’s five-year rebuilding goal, with Paris slated to host the summer Games in five years’ time. “The objective of completing this reconstruction in time for Paris 2024 will be extra motivation for us all,” IOC President Thomas Bach wrote in a letter to the organizers. Donors had, by Thursday, pledged €850 million to rebuild the 856-year-old heritage site.

March 14th, 2019: cyclone Idai caused the death of more than 1000 citizens and 2 million casualties in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The UN donated €250 million to help these two countries.

January 25th, 2019, a dam collapsed at an iron ore mine in Brazil, resulting in the death of more than 10 workers and nearly 300 people missing. Little money was was donated.

Indonesia, Madagascar, Haiti and Cuba, among others, have suffered catastrophes, sometimes even worse than that caused by Idai, and never have any of them received as much money as was donated for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame…

It is wonderful to see how people are mobilizing in order to help and support the French rebuild an important building, but it is shameful to see what humanity’s priorities are… Disasters in poor countries do not get so much media attention. Disasters make the poverty and inequality there even worse. The aid going to disaster areas is totally inadequate (though the UN’s first Sustainable Development Goal is: “NO POVERTY”).

The firemen said things could have been worse: no lives were lost, no injured, and more than half of the cathedral was saved. Almost a billion euros has so far been collected to restore the structure; how many lives could have been saved if the same people had donated the same amount to fund teams of aid workers and  doctors, and to (re)build vital infrastructure in disaster zones?


samedi 13 avril 2019

Dear MUCkers, here are the minutes of the 12/04/19 meeting!

Warm welcome to the new members (all in Seconde)!

Presentation of the “CV citoyen” by Anne-Sophie
  • Anne-Sophie and another member of the Jeune Chambre Economique will present the “CV citoyen” to the MUC members on the 17/05/19 (we will then be able ourselves to show other pupils how to write a “CV citoyen”).

Café philo
  • We still do not have Edouard's available dates...

Speak out!
  • Tanguy Speck of the CIED has volunteered as a Jury member (he can find one other person).
  • Ombeline will organize a meeting of the Jury members on the 6th or 8th May with PN (at an hour convenient for the Jury).
  • PN will send a “to do” list to Ombeline.

  • M. Périchon has approved the project.
  • Julianne will be the adult in charge if Mme Cussinet agrees.
  • Julianne will get in touch with M. Fargeas to ask him if he can spare some of his hour of “AP” next year to work on MGT initiatives.
  • The official launch will be after the lecture on global warming on 03/05.
  • Victoria will send a copy of the written project (the one sent to M. Périchon) to all the members. Please send your comments to Victoria via
  • Probable members of the MGT steering committee: Victoria, Garance, Loriane, Nathan, Benjamin, Maé, Mme Puertas.

Bal des Terminales
  • Lyvan must go and see Mme Jourdet of the APEL to determine place, date and budget.
  • Ines will help Lyvan set up the organizing team.

Lyon trip
  • The two-day trip will take place in September.
  • PN will contact the Conseil Régional to ask for a meeting (during our trip) regarding a “big project”: a meeting of the 21 UNESCO clubs of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in 2020!

Photographic portraits exhibition
  • Thiago and Amalia will organize the food and drinks for the exhibition opening (organic juice and eatables and NO wastage!) on 03/05 at midday.
  • Garance will send invitation cards to Mme Jourdet (APEL), M. Périchon and his “équipe de Direction”, the teachers, the “délégués de classes”. Garance will also invite La Montagne.
  • If you want to send questions, comments or suggestions to the photographer:
  • The MUC will award a prize (a photo portrait of the winner, cost: about €20) to the winner of the game “Quel est mon métier?/Guess my job!” (if anyone 😕, please tell Victoria or Ombeline !)

Happy Easter!
From Oriane, your faithful Secretary

dimanche 7 avril 2019

Ordre du jour du 12/04/2019

  1. CV citoyen > Anne-Sophie
  2. Trip to Lyon: who is going? > Thiago
  3. Café philo: when is it? > Loriane
  4. Speak out!: who are the JURY members? > Ombeline
  5. Massillon Green Team: do we have the go-ahead from the Headmaster? > PN
  6. Bal des Terms: is the APEL organizing/financing? > Lyvan
  7. Visite de l'expo "La gueule de l’emploi" (organisation du vernissage) > Jean N. + Amalia

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 5th April 2019

Exhibition "La Gueule de l'Emploi"
  • Jean Nettleship has put up his exhibition of photographic portraits in the main corridor (it is part of the “parcours avenir” activities).
  • The MUC will organise the exhibition’s opening ceremony on 3rd May at noon.
  • Amalia will ask for 50 € from the APEL for food and drink.
  • Ombeline and Garance and Jean will put up the posters.
  • Friday 12th April: Jean will present the exhibition to the MUC members at 12:30.

Café philo
  • Loriane must send a mail to Edouard to ask him when he is available to moderate the Café.
  • Loriane will ask Mme Pégard for the authorization (on the date chosen by Edouard).
  • Loriane will invite Mme Ferréole, Mme Pégart, M. Périchon, etc.
  • Titouan and Loriane will welcome Edouard to the Café and organize the coffee and biscuits (with the help of volunteers).

Talk on climate change/action
  • 3rd May (10:00 to 11:00), Salle des Fêtes, for Seconde Euro pupils only.
  • Jean will video the talk for the Green Group, etc.

Green Group
  • Victoria will write a short description of the project, send it to PN, who will present it to M. Périchon.
  • If the project is approved, Victoria will recruit volunteers.
  • Plan dates and place for regular meetings.
  • The Green Group will be independent from the MUC; it will discuss/share information on ecological issues and organize eco-friendly actions (mostly within Massillon).
  • We should launch the group with M. Périchon on the 3rd of May just after the talk on climate change/action (M. Périchon wants Massillon to obtain an “ecolabel” by 2020).

Speak out!
  • Ombeline will interview (film) people on European questions (members will help her) to promote the Speak out!
  • Ombeline will ask Julianne to print out her Speak out! poster (X 10) in colour; she will have fun putting up the poster in the usual strategic areas!
  • The JURY members will be announced next Friday by Ombeline.
  • The material to video the candidates might be ready for the 10th May...
  • Titouan will bring an estimate of the cost of his set (cost of props) next Friday.

Terminale ball
  • Lyvan will contact the APEL President to ask him/her if the APEL will be organizing and/or financing the ball this year...
  • Lyvan will ask the Terminale class reps to a meeting in our room next Friday.

  • The room will only be available next school year.

Trip to Lyon
  • Find a second adult to accompany the group.
  • Please confirm by next week if you can go to Lyon.

European Dialogue
  • Saturday, 16:30- 17:30, Cours des Trois Coquins, free, open to all pupils. Be there!

jeudi 4 avril 2019

Ordre du Jour/Agenda 05/04/19

  1. MUC Headquarters + matériel
  2. Green Group 
  3. Café philo 
  4. Speak out!
  5. Ciné débat
  6. Any Other Business

lundi 1 avril 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on 29/03/19

Ombeline presided
Absent: Victoria

  • 9th April: Julianne will present the “passeports citoyens” to the Secondes pupils
  • 3rd May (after talk by Pierre Nettleship on climate action), we will present the MUC (and the Massillon Climate Action Group) to the seconds pupils (hopefully, the baseball caps will be ready by then!)
  • Baseball caps: the more we buy, the cheaper they will be! Should we make our own?

Café philo
  • Loriane and Titouan are in charge with Edouard Engels
  • Loriane will ask Edouard Engels if he is available on the 12th of April from 12:30 to 14:00
  • Loriane will ask Mme Pégart if the date and times are ok.
  • Loriane and Titouan will prepare a list of equipment + the programme (who has to do what)
  • Theme of the Café: Artificial intelligence
  • Food: Thiago will bring cake, Loriane pancakes (they will ask the Treasurer for money for the ingredients).
  • We must not forget to invite M.Perichon, Mme Pégart, Mme Naeglen, etc.
  • Loriane will send a message on ÉcoleDirecte about the Café philo when we have finalized the details.

Speak out!
  • URGENT! Ombeline has to send PN the names and emails of the two Jury members from Les Jeunes Européens

Trip to Lyon
  • Minimum 10 (maximum 15 members of the MUC) can go
  • Dates: 5-6th June
  • Thiago will pass in classes to present the trip
  • Tell Thiago you are going by Friday 12th APRIL (to give him + PN time to organize the programme of visits!)

dimanche 24 mars 2019

AGENDA 29/03/19

  1. Bal Term
  2. "Job descriptions" members of the executive committee
  3. Communication interne/externe (Garance)
  4. Café Philo
  5. Massillon climate action group 
  6. Speak out! JURY
  7. Dialogue Européen 
  8. Matériel MUC
  9. Ciné débat
  10. MUC HQ
  11. AOB

Minutes of the meeting held on Friday 22 March 2019

Victoria presided, Loriane took the minutes
Present: everyone + VIP guest Edouard Engels (founding member of the MUC)

Internal Organization
Mr Périchon must not be disturbed (he is extremely busy)! Only PN goes to see him on behalf of the MUC (unless PN says it is ok for someone from the MUC to go and see him directly concerning a particular matter).
Only actions approved by the executive committee can be undertaken.
Only information approved by the executive committee must be put on social networks or on the noticeboard (it is very important that all information be clear, without spelling or grammar mistakes, and sent out on time).
Only the Presidents can speak on behalf of the MUC (they represent the MUC). The Presidents can give permission to a member to speak on behalf of the MUC on particular occasions.
The MINUTES must be published (and displayed on the MUC noticeboard) within five days of a meeting.
The AGENDA must be sent to all members at least 24 hours before a meeting (it should also be displayed on the noticeboard).
After each meeting, everyone must make sure the secretaries have understood everything that was said, noted all the decisions taken, and listed who has to do what for when.
The person presiding the meeting (not necessarily one of the Presidents!) has to make sure everyone gets to speaks during a meeting.
If you want to speak, please ask the person presiding. Please do not speak all at once or start a separate conversation!
The executive committee (presidents, treasurer, secretaries, VP in charge of communication) need to write their own “job descriptions” for next week’s meeting.
The AGENDA has to be written by the presidents after they have read the MINUTES of the previous meeting (then they send it to PN to be published on the BLOG).
The MINUTES have to be written by the secretaries then checked by the presidents and then sent to PN (who will publish them on the BLOG) two days at the latest before the next meeting.
Garance will explain at the next meeting how the (older!) members of the MUC can communicate efficiently amongst each other between meetings.
Garance will ensure that all relevant information (approved by the executive committee) is relayed on Instagram, the noticeboard, etc. (NB: only social networks approved by M. Périchon can be used!). At the next meeting, Garance will present her ideas on how to improve our internal and external communication.

Speak out!

PN says Mr Périchon said the Salle des fêtes will (hopefully) be equipped on time with high quality sound and lighting equipment.
Salle F30 will be turned into a video recording studio (maybe by 10th May so that the candidates can record their speeches for Youtube).
Titouan is responsible for the scenography, the lighting and the sound systems (with M. Choco) for the competition.
Team Massillon: a native speaker will be helping Mme Carion (the “référent” teacher of the SO19 at Massillon)
Ombeline will send a message to Charlotte Legrand (Jury president) to organize a meeting asap of the Jury members
Garance will (next week) take a picture of the SO19 organizing team (for the SO19 blog) and of the Massillon Team (because they are lovely).


Mr Périchon has kindly offered to make F30 the MUC office and meeting room (yeah!). The recording studio equipment will be under lock and key. We may have to share with a theatre group. The number of people allowed in the room is limited to  25 (PN has to check the exact number with M. de Féligonde). The room will be cleared out asap. We have to take our meeting table up there, decorate the room (“happy” photos, cartoons, etc.) and get the coffee machine working!

Baseball caps

Garance has to find a website from which we can buy “ethically made” baseball caps. We have 80 € on the MUC account to finance the purchase of the baseball caps.

Trip to Lyon

Mr Périchon has allowed the MUC members (only!) to travel to Lyon on the 5th and 6th of June. Thiago is in charge (with the help of PN and JP) of the trip (transport, accommodation, food, visits, budget).
We have to organize a (Brazilian?) pancake sale to finance the trip (Thiago is in charge).
We will organize a trip to Strasbourg and/or Brussels at the beginning of the next school year  maybe with the Jeunes Européens. A trip to UNESCO headquarters in Paris is probable too in November.

Ideas to save the planet

Victoria thinks we should urge restaurants and cafés to stop using plastic straws and to use recycling bins.
JP says there should be recycling bins in classrooms, the “foyer”, etc. of Massillon.
There should be a vegetarian lunch at least once a week.
A lecture series on environmental issues would be good.
Pierre Nettleship (who is an engineer in Ecology who works for the State) will give a lecture on climate action; Mr Périchon will confirm the date soon (probably on the 3rd of May).
PN suggested that, because of the large number of “green” projects, the MUC should set up a separate “Massillon climate action group”; all the members are keen to join! If Mr Périchon gives his permission, we will set up the group and  invite pupils and teachers and staff to join.
Amalia thinks a week of cultural activities (with conferences) would be good (celebration of cultural diversity at Massillon).

European dialogue

The MUC has been asked by the CIED to help organize and take part in a “European dialogue” on  Saturday 6th of April. PN explains that this will be difficult because the Premières are already at Massillon on Saturday morning… PN will contact the CIED to ask if they need our help Saturday afternoon.

Village européen on 9th of May

We cannot take part because the Première are at a conference all day. PN will inform the CIED.

Café philo

Edouard Engels volunteered to lead the discussion. We are all very happy about that and thanked him. Edouard will discuss the topic and the date of the Café with Loriane and JP.

Cérémonie de remise des passeports parcours citoyen aux Secondes

JP will contact Mr Périchon to ask if and when this will take place.

Other business

Invite Lyvan to present the Terminale ball.

lundi 18 mars 2019

Thursday 21 March is WORLD POETRY DAY!

Image result for world poetry day 2019

Please send
your poem
to be published
on this blog!

Two poems by Léa Joubert...

My name is Léa, I’m 17 years old and I occasionally write poems. I think my poetry is "authentic" because it's about my feelings; sometimes my poems can deal with happiness and sometimes they express sadness or even anger. It’s really important for me to explore all the aspects of (my) life...

Mes yeux se ferment,
Pourront-ils se réouvrir un jour ? 
S’ils se ferment trop longtemps, 
Je serai prise aux piège. 
Ces démons prendront le dessus,
Ces pensées prendront le contrôle,
Ces dictats me hanteront.
Aucun mot ne sortira : 
Rien ne pourra me trahir; 
Ni cette lueur dans le regard, 
Ni ces larmes qui coulent.
Je serai invincible,

Et tu cours, 
A la recherche d’un bonheur incertain.
Et tu cours, 
Dans l’espoir d’un nouveau matin.
Tu cours,
Sans même t’arrêter, à bout de souffle, des larmes ont coulées.
Tu cours ainsi,
Dans l’espoir de tout arrêter.
Un jour, prise de fatigue, tu commences à marcher;
Le temps paraît figé,
Les larmes ont coulées,
Ton cœur s’est arrêté.