samedi 9 février 2019

Radio days...

Minutes meeting 08/09/19

Absent: Lyvan

Speak out!
3 high schools: Fénelon, ISP Courpière, Massillon
Drama workshop from Fénelon will put on short plays while jury deliberates.
Ombeline will ask the President of the Jeunes Européens to give a conference.
Deadline: next Friday for inscription
Only 7 pupils from 
Massillon have signed up for the workshop so far...
Jury members from Jeunes Européens: 5 would be great (minimum 3).

Portes ouvertes
Mme Tavares available from10 o'clock.
She will unlock A33 so that the equipment needed can be taken.
Drinks are in the Vie Scolaire refregirator.
Coffee machine and food are ready.
We must send a photo of the MUC stall to La Montagne with an article.

Café philo Loriane & Titouan in charge.
Find subject of debate during vacations.

St Valentine's day
Send a mail to Mme Pegard so that we can sell roses which will then be sent anonymously or not to a receiver on Valentine's day, next Wednesday.